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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kids Book Give Away

I have a double kids book give away for you this week, sponsored by my Usborne Books and More book business Pictured here are two books which will start conversations with your kids about where your electricity and food come from. These are also great books to keep in the car for trips.

Pictured on the left is Where Does Electricity Come From. It's ideal for a 6-9 year old, or for a younger child who is already asking questions about this kind of thing. It covers information such as how electricity is made, what we use it for, and how it is transported. There are a couple of basic experiments included. There is also brief information on how batteries, turbines, and televisions work.

Pictured on the right is The Runaway Tractor. This is a cute mini book, which comes with a Rusty the Dog soft animal keychain. The Runaway Tractor is a story in the Usborne Farmyard Tales series. It's a simple story with a little duck to find on every page. It's ideal for reading to 2-5 year olds and is perfect for a beginning reader to manage by themself. The keychain is not suitable for kids under 3 years old.

Great Inspiration for a Summer Camp or Field Trip
If you are thinking of summer camps, what to do with your kids when school or preschool gets out, or for something new to inspire your homeschooling, you could plan a field trip around these books. Take the time to visit a local farm, or to just look for a tractor working in a field. Stop and watch for a while. Research where your electricity comes from and look up the location on a map. Explore your neighborhood and find your local transformer. Look for above ground electricity pylons or cables and draw a map of where they are, or just have fun spotting them when you are out and about. Find more tractor and farming books at your library and read together about how things work. Older kids can watch a video about the Hoover Dam. Look for food labels in the grocery store and talk about where your food comes from. Find out what kind of food is grown in your local area. Talk with a farmer.

Entering the Give Away
Just leave a comment by midnight on Tuesday, May 5th, 2009. Sorry, this give away is only open to those in the continental United States. If you live elsewhere and really want to enter, please leave a comment with your location - if your name is drawn I will look into the cost of mailing to you and if it's less than $5 they're yours!

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MiaZagora said...

Love your web site! We love books even better! ;)

Doda said...

Hi Alison! It's great to have found you again - on facebook. You could check out my blog and see what sort of things I've been up to. Your blog is really interesting. I'll drop you an email soon.

Ruralmama said...

What a cool giveaway, sign me up! :-)

I keep meaning to ask you, what is selling Useborne like? If you wouldn't mind emailing me sometime, I'd love to learn more about it.

Take care!

Lisa said...

Please enter me. Thank you.

Staci said...

My son would love to read these with me! Thanks for the chance to enter!

MJ said...

I teach kindergarten. Please count me in.

South Carolina


Nad said...

My son would love both books, but especially the one about where electricity comes from. He also wants to know how everything works and has asked me that question before. Thanks for the chance!

treflea4 at gmail dot com

Amy said...

The electricity one looks especially nice. Thanks for the chance to win!

hopeistheword at gmail dot com

Karen L said...

We love books in our house and I have a couple of Usborne books that are wonderful. The electricity one will be especially interesting to my son!

Kaye said...

these sound wonderful! florida982002[at]

Tracysweetangl said...

This is a great giveaway! You have a great site too!

Leslie S. said...

My 6 yr old is very much into asking how things work(and he tries to take everything apart to see).Both my boys love tractors. Thanks!

LittlePeopleWealth said...

I'm in :-) You have a great site!

Alison Kerr said...

Amy is the winner. Thanks for entering. This give away is now closed.

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