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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

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Sudeep said...

Hey Gr8 Post and a Gr8 blog .Would like to follow you , are you by any chance on twitter.
I do write to a lot on health and life style , so do take your time and visit my page too .

Healthy Regards
Blogging for Optimum Health Care

Ruralmama said...

Imagine all teenagers giving up their multitude of devices. It gives me goosebumps!

Alison Kerr said...

Hi Sudeep, I'm not on Twitter yet, though I do plan to be at some point. Right now I'm focusing my energy on writing here. Thanks for asking :-)

Ruralmama, your comments always make me smile :-)

Sudeep said...

Ohh ok.That's ok . Just was wondering . try to keep in touch .

Mike CJ said...

Really interesting post Alison. I'm about to buy a Toyota Prius, so I especially enjoyed the 100MPG van story.

Not on Twitter? You need to be! Once you sign up come and say hello @mikecj

Alison Kerr said...

MikeCJ - glad you liked the post. I think the Toyota Prius is a great car, especially for in-town trips. I can't wait to hear about yours.

I've not figured the whole Twitter thing out. I'll give it some thought and get back to you on that one!

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