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Monday, December 8, 2008

Science Learning Links and Stuff

Are your kids in the doldrums with science? Maybe you need a new resource to add to their studies, or something scientific to get your own adult brain around. Bookmarks, like Firefox windows and tabs, have a habit of accumulating on me. Here are a few great picks from my science bookmarks. I've tried to mark the level of interest to make your life easier.
  • Simple Machines in an easy to understand format - great for upper elementary and middle school.
  • Mad Scientist Network - self explanatory!
  • Robotics Academy at Carnegie Mellon University.
  • Connecting Music to reading, math and science.
  • Instructables Science Guide has lots of information and projects suitable for budding engineers and scientists at high school level.
  • The nature of waves from the Physics Classroom.
  • Science Daily brings you the latest in science research news, or try Scientific Blogging for a daily dose of science.
  • Eepybird's Diet Coke and Mentos spectaculars would get any little, or big, rocket scientist excited!
  • At Building Big you can find a teacher's guide to simple hands-on activities for 5th-8th graders about the science of large structures.
  • How Stuff Works is a place for older kids and adults to explore everything from the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to what's inside electronics. Cool!
  • Hippocampus is a source for free college level material. Their science courses include Biology, Physics and Environmental Science.
  • Searching for something different in textbooks? Galore Park is a British publisher who provides books for ages 10-16 yrs. Access their home educators page at the above link and you can take a look at what they have to offer then visit book information and download free samples.
  • Some school districts provide a great set of links, if you can just weed them out from among the masses of pages on their website. Here is a collection of science links for PK-6 courtesy of Shawnee Mission School District in Kansas.
  • Got a kid who likes to invent? Maybe they'd be interested in the Wham-O Inventor Contest.
  • At kids can see science videos and do interactive activities. It's colorful and bright and should appeal to elementary aged kids.
I hope you find something useful and enjoyable. Do let me know if you have written about science or know of a great link I should add.

Happy exploring :-)

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jugglingpaynes said...

These are great!
Eepybird is one of our favorites. Someday we're doing the Coke and Mentos. Maybe when it's warmer...

Peace and Laughter!

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