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Friday, February 27, 2009

* CSA - Community Supported Agriculture

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Alison Kerr said...

With a search on my zip code 16 listings for CSA come up. For many of the listed CSA schemes you pick up at the farm. There are a couple of 5 star rated schemes. The majority provide produce. Several provide herbs and a couple also provide fruit. Two mentioned that they give recipes and one site has sign-up right on the Local Harvest site. One CSA scheme is for meat.

What's available local to you?

Laura said...

Yay! Thank you for posting about CSAs, I think they are so important. When you sign up with a CSA you are supporting local farmers, and you know exactly where your food is coming from. My good friends in CA happen to be organic farmers (check them out: Terra Bella Family Farm ), and they, like so many other organic farmers, are really, *really* nice people - it becomes more than just picking up your veggies; it's a social event & you can get lots of great tips on cooking, gardening, etc. while you're picking up your food for the week.

ruralmama said...

I NEVER would have thought that we'd have something like this up in our area. We have one and it's within 14 miles of my house! Super cool Alison--once again you've kicked my butt into community action!



Alison Kerr said...

Laura - I agree, the farmers I've met have all been really, really nice. People who work hard and try to do the right thing.

Sarah - I'm so glad you followed the link and found a farmer near you. I was wondering how widespread CSA is - apparently pretty widespread! I look forward to hearing later about your experiences.

Gill said...

That was a nice idea that you have given about how to get fresh produce directly from the farmer. And moreover even the farmer will benefit from this idea of CSA. I am planning to implement your suggestion. Thanks for posting.

Janet said...

There is one in Beattyville, which is about an hour away. Unfortunately it's not on the way anywhere, so we couldn't combine the trips. I'll look into it though. We have friends in Waynesboro, Virginia who did this last year and are planning to do it again this year.

Alison Kerr said...

Janet, I'm sorry there isn't someone closer to you. What you need is a group of interested neighbors so that you can take turns doing the pickups :-)

I wasn't planning to do CSA this year, but now I've been writing about it, and today I got a nice note in the mail from a lady farmer we did CSA with a few years back... I'm very tempted.

The reason I stopped doing CSA was that I decided to grow more of our own produce. It's been working, but I still need to buy stuff and I guess I'd rather do that from a local farmer than from the store.

I've used two different schemes before. I'm going to think about whether we want to back and work with either of them. I'll bring it up as a dinner discussion topic for the family and see where it takes us.

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