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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Limitations of Blogger

Much as I love what Google offers us with Blogger, it does have it's limitations. You, my regular reader, may be wondering what's up with my previous post welcoming people from Scribbit. I have the honor of having written a guest article for Scribbit which will be published in a couple of days. Rather than have anyone who clicks through land any old place here I thought it would be good to follow Problogger's suggestion on having a landing page for guest visitors. I don't know of any way to have a page on Blogger unless it's as a post, so I had to publish a post, which maybe looked a little strange to everyone else visiting as normal.

Now back to the normal programming...


Kayla said...

I'm glad you found some way to do this, even if in the form of a post. I saw that post on Problogger too, and it seemed to be quite useful. I have yet to do it too my own blog, however! Hopefully yours will benefit your blog as it should.

Janet said...

I'm useless with all that technical stuff. I could probably figure it out eventually but right now it just seems like something more complicated than it's worth.

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