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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Welcome to the Homeschoolers Guide to the Galaxy

Welcome and thanks for taking the trip over from Scribbit. I enjoyed writing about Kansas City Activities for Kids (and moms and dads) for Michelle's blog. Michelle is always gracious and helpful to work with.

I'm Alison Kerr and I'd like to be your guide to Growing Green with your curious kids. I have always loved nature and cared about the environment. Although I have studied both Biology and Nutrition to 4 year degree level in college I don't claim to be any kind of expert. I do believe that as moms we can pass on some really important understanding about the Earth, caring about nature and our place in it, and life skills for sustainability to our kids. I hope you will learn something by visiting with me here at Growing Green at The Homeschooler's Guide to the Galaxy and I look forward to some conversations.

Here are some topics which I particularly like to share about:
  • Cooking and cooking with kids.
  • Science - especially Biology and Marine Biology.
  • Gardening, conservation, and caring for the environment, the Earth, and for each other.
  • Books and reading - especially non-fiction books.
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As promised, three great places to eat with your kids in the Kansas City metro.

My Kids' Favorite Eat Out Places

If I tell you that at Cinzetti's kids can get as much pizza and as much ice-cream as they want you might know why my kids love to go there! With all the wonderful, real, adult, food choices it's also my favorite place to eat. Kids eat free for dinner on Mondays and Tuesdays and there's a reduced price for seniors all day every day. It's definitely a popular spot for three generation families. On the weekend they have a wonderful brunch with crepes cooked to order. Best of all, I've found it to be a safe place to eat even when you have a family member with nut allergy. Just tell your server and they'll let you know about anything you should avoid.

OK, we're on a theme here because my kids' second choice for eating out is Pizza Street, with, wait for it, never-ending pizza and ice-cream! While Cinzetti's is a great place for a family get-together, Pizza Street is wonderful when you are on a budget. Their pizza buffet costs just $4.49 for adults (as of the date of publication here). When you go in the door they ask you if you have a favorite pizza and they make one up fresh if you want that. My favorite pizza is the Baked Potato, though the Alfredo is pretty good too. They serve pasta and a very basic salad too, included in the price. Drinks are not included though, unless you just want water. Kids like the dessert pizzas and the serve yourself soft ice-cream. I don't think they have the ice-cream at all locations so you might want to check that before promising! Being a budget place to eat it's not as fancy or spiffy clean as Cinzetti's and they do have a room with some kind of coin driven games. However, my kids are so excited and occupied with the food that they've never been in the room with the games.

Now, the third place my kids asked me to recommend does not serve pizza. Neither is it a place to buy a meal! I have to say though that they excel at delectable frozen custard monstrosities. Kansas is one of only 8 states where you can find a Sheridan's Frozen Custard stand. With such delights as Dirt and Worms and Grant's Grasshopper concretes you're going to have to allow some time for choosing. The choice of toppings is so overwhelming that I usually opt for either a regular menu combination, or one of the seasonal specials. I thought my kids were kinda nuts to ask to go there last week when it was zero Fahrenheit outside, but they actually serve warm desserts at this time of year. We came away a few $ poorer, but pretty happy :-)

I'm glad you could stop by! Thanks for doing so. By the way, I always welcome comments and questions and I'm available to guest write on a wide variety of topics, just drop me an e-mail (see the image of my e-mail address over on the right).
Sodapnya Pizza and Sundae photos do not represent the products served at the restaurants in this article. They are reproduced here under a creative commons license. Copyrights belong to the original owners.


Laurel Nelson said...

wow - I did make the trip over from Scribbit, and I gotta say my jaw dropped at the $4.49 buffet price!! Holy cow that is CHEAP!!! And it's real food too? Up here in Alaska you can't go ANYWHERE and eat for $4.49 unless it's McDonalds - even the other fast food joints are a few bucks more than that for a combo meal. And triple that price plus a bit more to get the price of our buffets here. Wow...maybe I should move to Kansas....holy cow. I am still in shock.

Alison Kerr said...

Laurel, I don't know how they do it! You really have to wonder how they can make a profit. I'm guessing that they use very inexpensive ingredients and don't pay their staff very well. That, and maybe all their money is made on the soda and on the take-out menu.

Well, if you really want to move to Kansas there's plenty of space here for more people :-)

Janet said...

Oh, my, I SO want to try those places. Let's see, I think Kansas City is about 12 hours from here? Yeah, that's a night out.
I may never eat pizza hut again. Baked potato pizza sounds awesome.
And how cool that you're guest posting at Scribbit! That's big.

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