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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ideas to Benefit Your Family

I've been thinking hard about what to share with you to benefit your family. Thanks to those who already completed my poll, I see that homeschooling and saving energy are your two biggest interests. If you've not yet completed my poll, please do take a minute to do so and let me know what I can provide.

Coming up for you here:
  • More Movie Madness - lots of ideas on how to jump off movies into homeschooling or just family activities. If you liked The Wizard of Oz and The Sound of Music I have plenty more ideas.
  • Make a Change for our Earth - ways to do things better, save energy, learn about our planet, or even just explore ideas and maybe change your thinking a bit. If you liked my Permaculture Roundup, Green Improvements List, and/or Air Dry Your Laundry Outside. I'll have more related to this with updates on my progress (or not) and links to products and homeschool ideas.
  • Weekly Celebrations - a new thread on some of those crazy, fun, thought provoking, or historical celebrations like Talk Like a Pirate Day and Johnny Appleseed's Birthday (September 26th).
Of course I'm going to complete my journey through the 10 Attributes and no doubt I'll be wandering off to find other things I've not yet thought of. I do have 3 other threads that I'm keeping a secret for now!

Happy Reading :-)

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