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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sound of Music Lesson Plans

The Sound of Music at

It's movie madness with the Sound of Music! Game Boy (that's my son) watched The Sound of Music for the first time ever this week. I'm not sure why we waited until he's almost a teen to let him see this - perhaps because it's one of my favorites and I wanted it to be his choice to watch. Anyway, he thoroughly enjoyed it.

I asked Game Boy and Artist Girl to come up with a list of lesson plan ideas related the The Sound of Music. I hope you find something to enjoy! In no particular order:
This is less than half the ideas we came up with, but the others are going to have to wait for another time! I do love The Sound of Music and I'll want to come back to it again :-)


Julie said...

Do you know, I really like your blog!!!
Sound of Music is also set with World War II as a back-drop - so you could also extend into that. If I may shamelessly plug my site (sorry!) then I have a page of WWII stuff at

I love your ideas. Keep them coming!

Alison said...

Hi Julie, you're right about WWII. That was in the half of the ideas I did not yet get to! I like your site too. I tried to contact you through your site - hopefully it worked!

Julie said...

Hmm.. haven't seen an email Alison. Please could you try again?

Janet said...

My 4-year-old and 2-year-old love the Sound of Music. They call it the Singing Children movie. But they sit all the way through it.

Alison said...

"Singing Children movie", how cute!

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