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Monday, April 13, 2009

* Observing Nature Through a Window

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katy said...

Any recommendations on the type of binos to get? I don't want to spend a lot on a professional one, are the cheap ones too cheap in quality?

Ruralmama said...

We have seen some truly neat things from our breakfast bar, which overlooks our side yard (where we keep all of the birdfeeders).

We have seen a Great Gray Owl; Pileated, Downy, and Hairy Woodpeckers; assorted Grey, and Red squirrels; also Goldfinches, Juncos, House Finches, Black Capped Chickadees, Nuthatches, Redpoles and Turkeys. Other mammals have included a recent visit from an opossum. All sorts of critters.
It's fun to live our in the country.

Alison Kerr said...

Katy, you asked a great question. Here is the short answer. A good set of beginner birding binoculars costs about $70-120. I recommend going to a local birding store, such as Wild Bird Centers and asking to try out several kinds of binoculars. I chose mine by taking them outside and actually using them.

The long answer I'll save for a future article.

Ruralmama, thanks for sharing your observation list. You have some wonderful wildlife coming past your observation window. I love all those birds!

Linda said...

What's neat for me besides the birds are all of the deer that like to meander through the property stopping to eat a morsel and look around like there is not a care in the world. Lately there have been approximately 8 deer here on a nightly basis.

Alison Kerr said...

Linda, I felt relaxed just reading about your nightly deer viewing. Wild animals can be so majestic. I used to see lots of red deer on the hills in Scotland... seems like a lifetime ago.

Darran said...

As much as I appreciate nature's beauty, I actually wished I could look at its beauty through a window. In Singapore, there are nothing but high rise buildings.

When I look out my window, I see another high rise building opposite. When I look up in the sky, I see almost nothing, as other high rise apartments are blocking my view.

Oh how much would I pay if the first thing I can enjoy looking at outside my window are some nature.

Alison Kerr said...

Darran, it made me sad to think of you seeing nothing but buildings out your window. Are there any rooftop gardens in Singapore? What about parks; how close is your nearest park? Is everything built up, or is there derelict space which could be used to plant a garden?

Please come back to visit and tell us! I'd also love to see some of your photography of where you live :-)

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