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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

* 10 Recipes for Sweet Green

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TeresaAGeorge said...

Hi Alison

Thanks for posting the Eagle Webcam. I would never have found it otherwise. The babies are so cute - I could watch for hours.

Also, great to hear that scientists may have found a cure for bee colony collapse.

I have a page on my website with a downloadable guide to encourage people to keep bees. It's an interesting, rewarding and relatively cheap hobby.

One hive can produce as much as 100 pounds of honey. So, if you love honey, it's well worth having a go.

Thanks again for the great post.
Cheers, Teresa

Alison Kerr said...

Teresa, thanks so much for visiting and for letting me know about the beekeeping article. I'd love to hear more. I'll be in touch.

Darran said...

Thanks for the link!

Those are some very interesting concepts but sadly I haven't see any sign of those being implemented in the new apartments anytime soon.

I was particularly fascinated by the first and third slides. Amazing stuff!

I am curious how it would be maintained though.

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