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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Best Cooking Knife Skills video

It surprises me how many adults don't know about safe knife skills for cooking. With that in mind, here are two videos which explain safe knife skills. Which one do you like? Leave your vote at my poll over in the right hand column which will be open for the next week.

Will you choose the entertaining Chef Todd Mohr powered by

Or the lovely Jenna Norwood in her healthy kitchen from YouTube?

Or maybe you don't care for either one. Either way, let us know.


Janet said...

They were both interesting - I liked Todd better overall, but I liked that Jenna and Adriel did more than just celery. So yeah, I'm going to be totally unhelpful. THe kids enjoyed both videos though. :)

Alison Kerr said...

Janet, I'm glad your kids liked the videos.

I looked at several of Todd's videos - this was not my favorite one, but I think his approach is certainly innovative. Jenna's is more what you expect and it does a good job. Whatever gets the job done of helping mom so that she keeps kids safe when they learn knife skills is good with me :-)

Jen said...

I thought Jenna was more personable and I liked that she showed how to make a few different cuts. DD would have voted for Jenna, but I voted for Todd's because he was more detailed in explaining how to hold the knife and "the claw".

Thanks! I am still refining my knife skills.

Janet said...

I tried my new-found knife skills the other night when chopping up about a billion vegetables for salad (we had company yesterday). It really did make a difference, except I kept forgeting to make a claw. But that rocker motion does the trick.

Alison Kerr said...

Janet, I'm so glad you found the video useful in your life. Thanks for coming back to share. Work on that claw! Realizing you're not doing it is the first step. It makes for a very safe way to deal with all that knife stuff in the kitchen.

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