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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dinner So Easy a 2 Year Old Can Do It

Here's a dinner so easy a 2 year old can do it, or should I say, "So easy a caveman can do it!" That little Geico gecko guy and his caveman friend are pretty popular around my house. Anyway, this dinner bears a great resemblance to what I make at the end of a crazy day when my brain is wiped from homeschooling and writing, which happens more often than I'd like.

The 2 year obviously did get a little help - maybe with a can opener and a knife? If you want to be more sustainable, and you've mastered the art of canning, you can make this same meal from your own produce. Then again, if you've mastered canning why would you be coming here for a recipe?

This video is courtesy of YouTube.


Janet said...

That is too cute. Of course, you have to have a child who will actually put the things into the pot and not fling them around the kitchen . . .
We made a cake yesterday and the kids did all the decorating. I'll post the pictures sometime.

Alison Kerr said...

Of course you are right Janet. Not every 2 year old is that compliant. It's not exactly a creative activity for the kid, just plopping canned stuff into a pan. A creative kid would no doubt have to think of a twist, like seeing how big a height they could drop the food in from while observing how far the splatter travels.

We don't know of course how many 'takes' there were on this video.

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