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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Looks Aren't Everything

Sometimes looks are deceiving. I mean, they aren't everything! For instance, last night I decided to bake some delicious Yorkshire Pudding to accompany the roast beef we were having for dinner. Yum! I couldn't wait, and neither could my kids, to bite into that crunchy, golden goodness that tastes so wonderful with beef and gravy! I was even thinking that this might be a nice, simple recipe to share here, a recipe from the old country that others might like to try.

Ah, but looks aren't everything. Don't let this photo fool you; inside those golden Yorkshire puddings is uncooked mush! I'm still trying to figure out what went wrong. So far my conclusion is that the puddings need to be thinner. The first few times I made these they worked just fine, but we loved them so much that I decided they needed to be bigger. So maybe small is beautiful and greed can spoil things! Next time I'll try making them thinner. That way I can even make twice as many, which would be nice :-) Oops, am I being greedy again?

Why isn't my cooking as good as Living in the Kitchen with Puppies? Everything on her blog looks absolutely gorgeous and delectable. I swear my mouth starts to water just looking at the photos, or even thinking about them like I am now!

Let's all remember too that our daughters need to know that looks aren't everything. I mean, where can a girl go these days to see pictures of real women? The media is full of women who've not only been picked as film stars and models, but who on top of that have been Photoshopped to look decidedly waif like and unnatural, as if they had the slimness of a girl in her puberty growth spurt - they're just nothing but legs and arms - but with the hips and other stuff of a woman. Well, more on this later...


Natashya said...

Wow! Thank you so much for the compliment. Very kind, although clearly you missed the post where I baked a bread that was so hard I shattered a tooth!
I have had more than my share of misses, usually baking related. I have gotten better lately, thanks to the internet baking and cooking community.
I am still afraid of making Yorkshire puddings, I have popover pans but if we ever have them hubby makes them. (which is odd as he generally doesn't cook, he has 3 dishes - omelets, bbq and (rarely)Yorkshire puddings.)
Good for you for trying, I would just go ahead and try a different recipe. Maybe I will join you.

Alison said...

Ouch Natashya, bread that was hard enough to break a tooth, I've not done that one yet!

I shall have to try again soon on the Yorkshire puddings. Interestingly there were a few puddings round the edges of the pan that were cooked through. Still, I think thinner is the way to go.

Mon said...

Ah, I like the idea of such moments being an organic learning experience, that looks aren't everything. And also, that 'mistakes' are okay.

Sage said...

Ahh true yorkshire puddings can turn rogue.. I call mine oven monsters, I put the same recipe in and you never know what might come out. Generally you can't go wrong with a hot tin, with oil in before you put the batter in and a fairly high temp 230oc then just leave. I use a square glass baking dish as I like to have chunky bits of pudding, but tins are good too. Wish you well.

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