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Friday, October 3, 2008

I Love to Laugh

How can anyone resist a song called I Love to Laugh? Need the words? You'll find them at Looking for the soundtrack? It's available with Mary Poppins stuff at Sorry homeschool readers, some people do get lost and end up here when they have no interest in homeschooling!

When Artist Girl and Game Boy were little they watched Disney's Mary Poppins over and over. What fabulous music and so many great lessons for life. I'm very fond of this movie, which was one of the first ones I saw myself as a child. I'm not sure which of the songs is my favorite, but I can't hear that song, "I Love to Laugh", without laughing a time or two.

I started with the intent to include lesson plans on Mary Poppins, but somehow this post has been hi-jacked by the song "I Love to Laugh"! So, let me know what makes you laugh. Send me a link for your funniest blog post. Why do you love to laugh, where, and at what? Mary Poppins will have to wait! Oh, and if you can tell me how to put up the option to e-mail me on blogger without getting a ton of spam I'd be very grateful!

To come later with Mary Poppins movie madness ...
Explore reading, London, Mary Poppins, banking, music, dancing, animation, penguins, fairground rides, morals and more. Whichever subject you want to cover with your kids, there's sure to be something inspiring from Mary Poppins.

From my readers:
  • Sarah wants to know how often you lose your temper. Sarah, I think you gotta lighten up there girl, or is it just that knowing other people's inadeqacies makes you laugh? Do you have a cruel sense of humor?
  • Julie recommends Luigi's blog - trot on over there to learn how to train your humans.


Sarah said...

My funniest blog entry is probably my current one:

I love sarcasm. It's funny because sarcasm is totally lost on my MIL, a fabulous lady who is otherwise pretty whole as a person. I mean, who doesn't understand sarcasm? As far as I know, only her.

Julie said...

Ooh! I love Mary Poppins. Looking forward to the links.
My daughter has made me laugh with her new blog - it is by her dog Luigi!!

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