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Monday, October 6, 2008

Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet at
Have you ever heard one of your children say, "Are we there yet?" Now that most kids are back in school I keep hearing about homeschoolers who're heading out to travel. What a great time of year to be on the road. Gas prices have dropped back down, many attractions are still open, the summer crowds are gone, and you can enjoy freedom from the worry of heatstroke!

Personally I'm determined to stay home. Maybe it's old age creeping up on me? Not long ago the idea of travel made my ears perk up, got my blood going, and had me rushing off to pack. My heart filled with the pulse of mountains and oceans and my brain zinged with the excitement of new horizons. Today I'd rather explore the world from my own couch. Could it be anything at all to do with the hours I drove this weekend? It's amazing what we'll do for our kids. While I'd have been happy curled up on the sofa at home Artist Girl had other ideas. Thus an adventure began. I don't have anything too exciting to share - mostly it was me saying, "Are we there yet?", from the driver's seat!

Sometimes we need to reflect back to fully appreciate either the past or the present. So, as we settle into our fall holiday season, looking back on your spring and summer what stories do you have to share? Did you go on an adventure, enjoy traveling, have a travel disaster, visit somewhere exciting, or boring, shed tears, laugh together, or just get grumpy? Did you discover something great to prevent the Are We There Yets?

Leave me a comment for a link. Humor is always welcome!

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