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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Homeschool Resources

Teach Your Own - The John Holt Book of Homeschooling at

Find links to a variety of homeschool resources on the left menu item titled Homeschool Resources. I've grouped items in the order:

- homeschool specific resources
- general educational resources - multi-subject and not homeschool specific
- resources with a specific educational focus eg literature, art, science

The list is already getting to be pretty extensive so I may have to come back and make separate lists - I'm not even anywhere near done with going through my currently-loaded Firefox tabs. I also have a bunch of resources bookmarked on my StumbleUpon account and I have hundreds of links bookmarked on Firefox. They go back years!

I mainly tend to bookmark quality, informative resources that are reasonably easy to navigate and which are free. Google searches tend to turn up a just a few sites that are actually free to use - I've had more success finding new sites through StumbleUpon. There are a huge number of organizations who provide information which we as homeschoolers can use. The trouble is that categorizing and being selective is a major task. For this reason I may remove links from time to time.

Please, if you have any good suggestions on how to organize all these links I'd really appreciate them! Also, if you have favorite sites that you think should be on any comprehensive site list, or if you've taken a good look at any links I've provided and found them to be lacking in some way, please let me know.

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