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Friday, October 10, 2008

Bits and Bobs

Find out about your morals and ethics and help with research at - an interesting adjunct to social studies at high school level.

Protect your computer from unwanted and invasive scripts when you're out web surfing by loading free software from NoScript - I use this and it works really well. You do have to specifically allow scripts so it can become a bit of a nuisance if you browse a lot of script-rich websites because you'll have to specifically allow everything you want the first time you come across it. It's rather an eye-opener though to see how many different scripts some sites are trying to load!

A good scientific point to raise for discussion with your kids. Why is only 3% of research funding for cancer aimed at finding the causes and preventing it rather than detecting and treating? Here's an article that prompts the question at The International Herald Tribune.

Is your family disaster ready? You can download a 204 page FEMA guide for citizen preparedness which acts as a unit study into natural disasters. Information covered includes: the type of disasters; which communities are likely to be affected; and information on preparing a family plan. Find more information at and learn how to store water and make it safe in an emergency.

The Homeschool Mom has provided 4 screens worth of links on the election. If you've not had enough yet you're bound to find something suitable there. Whew! That much is a bit overwhelming!

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