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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Daily Frustrations and Accomodations

I really appreciated the words of encouragement yesterday. Everything did work out - I sort of finished tidying the kitchen, and we sort of had dinner before the guests arrived, and I sort of made the sandwiches (some were made after a good number of people got here), and lots of other things sort of got done on time.

Maybe my fairy godmother HAD been secretly visiting with my kids though because when women started arriving in droves, ahead of the time I expected them and while the kids were still at the dinner table, my kids hustled and rushed around doing stuff at my request so that ladies had tables to put their tea cups on and such- like necessities. Game Boy did get a bit overenthusiastic and managed to fall down a few stairs in the process. This morning he told me that I was rushing so much that he felt there was great urgency and that he needed to run up the stairs and back down again, apparently without his feet hitting all of the necessary steps! He did survive the process and just had a couple of light scrapes to show for it.

So, I'm still working on updates to, not helped by the fact that my computer crashed in the midst of my work then Filezilla, which I need to upload my new html files for testing, helpfully did an automatic download of an update and wiped out the configuration that allowed me to connect and upload files.

Now I think all that has caused a brain-wipe and organized research and writing is the last thing on my mind right now!


Janet said...

Oh my. Glad he's OK! I hate those automatic updates. Invariably they mess up something. Good luck.

Sarah said...

Auto updates are the bane of my existence...well not really, but I'm pulling out here for ya.

Take care and glad you made it through!

Alison said...

Well, once again I appreciate the support. They say that things go in threes and today my cable internet service has been affected and I've been running away from my computer in order to avoid pulling my hair out!

I can't wait to get the chance to really write something meaty!

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