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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Procrastinating - 10 Attributes to Positively Influence Your Family and Community and How to Grow Them #5

This is part 5 of a 10 part series. Read part 1...

#5 = procrastinating

My kids say I'm good at procrastinating :-) I guess I've taught them to be honest! Could someone write about how procrastinating is a positive attribute for me while I go off and.... think about what to write?

OK, a few hours have gone by. I have some other topics I want to blog on and I ought to finish this one first!
  • Julie over at HomeschoolingIdeas suggests that procrastinating is a good thing if you put off doing laundry and snuggle up to read with your kids. Maybe she read my mind! I'm sure I must have done this before; I agree wholeheartedly!
  • Procrastinating seems to be the antithesis of impulsive action. Would you rather rush into danger or take time to consider your actions. Give me procrastination any day!
  • Procrastination can save the planet! Well, maybe that's a bit of a stretch but I've certainly thought of buying many things that I decided I could do without after some procrastinating.
  • I really believe that certain kinds of procrastination are worthwhile. If you're someone who takes in a lot of information but needs time to categorize and organize it in your head, that may appear as procrastination. However, if you trust yourself and just wait a little, your answer may appear when you are ready. Of course this is not much use in an emergency.
  • There are plenty of resources to help you learn decision making from adult self-help websites to lesson plans for a variety of ages. Hey, if you've never procrastinated would you have the patience to help a child through this? Here's a selection of links: simple laws for decision making; making good decisions; decision making techniques; learning to make good decisions; problem solving lesson plan; empowered decision making; decision making lesson plans.
  • If I'm getting tied up over a decision where there are two choices and neither is perfect - there's seemingly not much to choose between them - it's easy to make a choice. After all, if I simply can't tell which is best I may as well choose any of the options and just get the agony over with and live with the results!
  • Oops, chronic procrastinators are the ones who drop out of college. Hey, maybe I'm not so bad because I did make it through college! If I didn't procrastinate would I even think to share this with you?
Well, do let me know if you can think of more great things about procrastinating, but I'll go ahead and post rather than waiting for your reply :-)


Julie said...

It is good when you procrastinate over doing the laundry, and snuggle up to read to your children instead.

Hows that!!!

Alison said...

Yay, thanks Julie, that's one good thing to add to my list.

Julie said...

Ohh! Long list. Well done!

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