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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Over the Rainbow

If you'd have told me when I was six years old that I'd end up living in Tornado Alley, I'd likely have thought you were 'Over the Rainbow' yourself! What were the chances of a wee Scot who's biggest adventure was exploring a weed patch at the end of her street ending up living in the place that Dorothy was whisked away from?

Well, somehow I ended up Over the Rainbow, but in Kansas, not in The Land of Oz. Yesterday I spent over an hour in my basement watching radar pictures and storm commentary on our emergency TV. I feel fortunate though, whilst I would not have to worry about tornadoes if I'd stayed put in Scotland, I'm glad I moved somewhere with tornadoes and not hurricanes! I've not seen the news today, but I'm guessing it's not pretty - I hope the help this time is what these people need.

It's amazing how every topic can turn into an exploration. A google search on "wizard of oz" lesson plan turns up a whole host of ideas for further learning. I'm going to take a look at them later today and make a note of the best ones here.


Kristie said...

Cool, I love the wiz of oz so therefore my kids do. I just may be switching what we do for school this week. They will LOVE this. Thanks for sharing

Alison said...

You are welcome Kristie. Thanks for visiting :-)

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