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Monday, September 1, 2008

Competent and Industrious Homeschool Teens?

Will homeschoolers be happy and successful in adult life? Given how much time and effort parents put into homeschooling their children, I for one hope so!

I recently came across this Harvard study which showed a connection between being industrious at age 14 and future life success. Admittedly this study only looks at men and may not tell us a single thing about women. Also, the results may even be somewhat specific to the generation that these particular men grew up in. Nonetheless, I found the following statement interesting: "a psychologist studying the resilience of these inner-city volunteers, noted three major reasons for their success: a strong attachment to their parents; high-quality supervision, especially by their mothers; and dedication to schooling."

That certainly sounds a lot like homeschooling to me!

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