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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sudden Intuition Leads to Homeschooling

Every now and then I get a sudden, wild, notion that I should make a significant change in my life. It happens like this: I read something or hear something somewhere, "thud" something happens and suddenly I know I have to make this change. For me, homeschooling was one of those changes.

With a "thud" decision the only thing necessary is figuring out how to go about doing it. I like this. I'm not an impulsive and a quick decision maker; I'm more often frozen into procrastination. Every one of those "thuds" has brought good things to my family.

What is intuition though and when should we use it?
Is intuition what experts rely on, or something impulsive that we use in place of more sensible, rational thought?

Have you made a good decision based on your intuition? How did you make the big decisions in your life?

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