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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Finding Fun Books

When it comes to enjoying reading, what you really need are some fun books. Not that everyone's definition of fun is the same! But, who would want to read a boring book?

I've just relaunched one of my own websites with lots of information on how to find great reading suggestions. I learned a lot during the process of writing, especially about which publisher produces which ranges of books, where to find great reading lists, and how to find stuff on (often-times I've been frustrated to mainly see best sellers, most of which I'm not interested in).

You can find all of the information about best books at my site I've not written specifically for homeschoolers this time, though I do mention that homeschoolers really value non-fiction kids books. I think that's one of the myriad reasons that homeschooled kids know so much. I also did pretty extensive research on early readers for the page on best books for kids so, if you have a pre-reader or early reader at home be sure to check that page out.

Do let me know what you think and whether there is other information you'd like to see there.

1 comment:

jugglingpaynes said...

Looks good. Lots of links. It may be a good idea to consider ways for parents to narrow their search, for example, which sites would be most useful for a reluctant reader, or sites for children interested in...

Something along those lines.

Need to bookmark your Fun Books site now...

Peace and Laughter,

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