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Monday, January 25, 2010

Staples Dollar Deals

I know that some of my readers and friends here get a little foamy mouthed, or is that starry-eyed, over discounted school supplies so I'm escaping from lurkdom to point you to Stapes Dollar Deals, which arrived in my Inbox this morning.

So, what delights are in store for you at Staples Dollar Deals, if you just can't resist checking into shiny, new, $1, office supplies?
  • small, college-ruled, spiral-bound notebooks
  • mini staplers - so cute!
  • clear and colored washable glue sticks
  • sheet college-ruled paper
  • post-it like Stickies pads
  • pens
There are also some $2 deals. That's it! If your school supplies have run out, dried up, or you just need a little of that fresh, new smelling, stuff to get you fired up and get you through to Spring Break, take a look at Staples Dollar Deals.

Regards, Alison

P.S. Can someone tell Staples they should pay me for doing this stuff?


C.McKane said...

So sad I didn't see this before I went to the store today. I hit two stores because I refused to pay $3 for a pack of paper.

Yes, I think Staples should give you a kickback. Maybe a few free pens ;)

Alison Kerr said...

C, you made me laugh there. Pens would be handy though - I try to saturate my house with them because they are like the proverbial lost sock! And recently every time I pick one up it is out of ink. Grrrr...

jugglingpaynes said...

You know, I have a great weakness for Jetstream pens and I seem to only be able to find them at Staples. They are the best pens this left-hander ever used!

I don't remember if I sent you a thank you email for the Ranger Rick magazine. (I'm failing thank you notes this year. I lost some Christmas thank you's my kids wrote to relatives.) Anyway, I got the magazine the first week of January and it is much appreciated. Thank you!

Peace and Laughter,

Alison Kerr said...

No problem Cristina, you are welcome for the Ranger Rick. I still have to mail the thank you letters my kids wrote (better plan to do that today).

I'm thinking of shifting to using some kind of refillable pen to reduce waste, but I am pretty fussy about what my pens feel like. I'll just have to see what I can find.

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