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Monday, August 31, 2009

Costco September Offers

Here are my education picks from the Costco September magazine. Just out of curiosity I've compared the prices at Costco with the same item at
  • The Human Body Book and The Human Brain Book. These are hardback books which come with an interactive DVD. Price at is below the price at, but then you'd have to pay shipping if you order online from Costco. If you're already making a trip to the Costco warehouse buy there. You can look inside at If I were ordering online I'd probably go with
  • Alera Wire Shelving. Shelving really is an essential item for homeschooling. Sturdy, pantry type shelving is great for storing totes with craft, math, and science supplies. Again the Alera Shelving at is a very similar price.
  • Oceanology, Dragonology, Pirateology - these fun books were very popular with my kids when they were aged about 10-12 years. They are high quality and interactive with great little flaps and things. Again prices are very similar between Costco and Pick them up at the Costco warehouse, or take a look at the Ology books at
  • Magic Tree House books are a classic chapter book series. Costco will have them at the warehouse in September. They don't appear to be selling them at so I don't know the price. Here is the link to see them and check the prices at Magic Tree House Books.
  • Big Blue Book of Beginner Books and Big Green Book of Beginner Books are bind-ups each with six of the Dr Seuss early readers. I love the Dr Seuss books for early reading because they are so wacky. If you want to see the contents of these they are also available at
  • Sibley Guide to Birds and Sibley Guide to Trees are going to be in the Costco warehouse mid-September. Books at the warehouse are going to be hardbacks. I imagine they'll be a pretty good deal. If you want to know more and see inside the bird book here is the Sibley Guide to Birds in paperback at
  • ECR4Kids is child-sized activity furniture, or kid-sized tables and chairs of the sort you'd find in schools. These are not going to be available at the warehouse, only at Table prices range from $100-200 and chairs come in packs of 6 or 10. I looked around online and the price on these looks really good. Be sure to check the shipping charge though because these are large items. don't have anything similar. Here is the link for ECR4Kids tables and chairs. If you are in the Kansas City area though check out Constructive Playthings because they have something similar and you can pick up and avoid the shipping.
I hope your school year is off to a good start. Let me know if you need help with something.

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