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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

* 10 Tips for Happy Family Camping - part 2

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Ruralmama said...

We love to camp and I really love your list of tips because you reminded me of things that even we forget to do!

Janet said...

Have I told you the story of our Easter camping trip? We experienced 4 seasons in 3 days. And we broke several of just these 5 tips. I'm going to see which of the others we missed. And we ARE experienced backpackers, more's the pity. Actually, I think we might have been better off with real backpacking. Tent camping on a campground with access to running water - and the car - made us lazy. :)

Alison Kerr said...

Ruralmama, I'm glad to be of help. Just come back to read the tips before your next trip.

Janet, shame on you for missing some of the planning before your trip. Sometimes experience can make us complacent. We already know what we're doing, right? As long as your willing to go camping again it was a good trip!

Jennifer said...

Great list! We just went camping and now I am thinking how nice it would have been if we'd had a bag for each child. I will remember that one. Where in Kansas do you live? I grew up in Hoisington, but my parents now live in Salina. Going to visit this summer.


Janet said...

My primary goof was not packing enough cold weather clothes for ME. Everyone else was OK. :)

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