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Monday, March 23, 2009

* Water, Water, from Where?

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Kris said...

We have done most of what you mentioned. I am so proud of myself!!

Hey I tagged you on LL for 6 Degrees of Randomness.

Alison Kerr said...

Good for you Kris! I went and looked up where my water comes from and I got a surprise. I know I looked this up before, but I'd totally forgotten. I thought it came from some kind of reservoir, but apparently it comes from the Missouri River, Kansas River and 21 wells. Makes you think!

Now I wonder if I remember correctly where our run-off goes. My memory says it goes to the Little Blue River, the Blue River, and then the Missouri and Mississippi. There's no way to know if I'm right without looking at maps again. I like maps :-)

Janet said...

We have an underground fresh-water spring on our property, with a pump to the house. There is a disadvantage to this, because the pump is electric, so when the power goes off, so does the water. Most folks in the rural areas get their water from wells, and a lot of it is sulphur. Recently the city expanded their pipelines and extended out into our area, but we didn't hook up because they wanted to charge a $650 connection fee, and that water comes out of the Kentucky River. In this area we still have a straight pipe problem. No way am I using water out of that river. We can see the river from our house, so I'm pretty sure that's where the run-off goes. I try to collect rainwater for watering plants, but I'd like to get something more substantial so we can use it for lots more things.

Ruralmama said...

Where do you find this kind of thing out? I know we have a well, but that's it! :-)

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