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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Take That For Taking My Writing, Scraper!

Ooh, I'm fired up this morning. I just discovered that someone had copied, launched and Google indexed one of my posts word for word. The one about porridge. I'm guessing they took it from my RSS feed. Now, copyright violations just happen to be one of my hot buttons. If anyone wants to take a little extract of any post of mine and link back, I'm open to the suggestion. But just taking my stuff and putting it on their site to attract people to their Google ads, no contact with me, no linkback, not even any way to contact them on their site, that fairly had me hopping!

At first I was floundering around trying to figure out what to do, but Problogger turned out to be my knight in shining armor. If this ever happens to you just go take a look at Fighting Scrapers With Your Left Jab. That violator has now been reported to Google Adwords for violating copyright and to Google search for using duplicate content. Hopefully that's it taken care of.

Got an RSS feed? Know if anyone is taking your stuff? If you don't know you might want to care because duplicate content can "flag" Google and you might be the one who gets thrown off the search indexing. Bad, bad.

OK, time to calm down. What was it I was going to write about today? Sorry, this hi-jacked my brain cells. I'll try to post something nice, and calm, and gentle later.


Janet said...

I have always hated plagiarism. I'm glad you were able to catch and report that person. I had a college student turn in a research paper about Van Gogh that was word-for-word from the encyclopedia. As if I wouldn't notice that after mediocre writing all semester she suddenly waxed eloquent. Hopefully I don't wax eloquent enough on my blog that someone would want to steal it because I don't know how I would know.

Alison Kerr said...

Janet, if you want to monitor the use of your content set up a Feedburner account for your RSS feed. Then you just check at your Feedburner stats and they tell you where your content has gone to.

With Feedburner you can also offer an e-mail based feed for those who are not familiar with, or don't care for using an RSS feed reader. It's a nice feature to have available.

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