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Friday, January 9, 2009

Around the Blogosphere

A few tidbits for you to enjoy:
  • Darren at Problogger wants to know what you recommend for getting a blog started in terms of writing a reserve of posts. You want to create a good impression and grow your readership right away! Great tips. Now, if I'd only ever read a blog before I started I might have been ready on Day 1. Oops, I'm letting out my secrets :-)
  • Lori has started a club for kids at Campcreek blog. If you are not familiar with what Lori does she has a great open thread today (Friday) and tomorrow (Saturday). The discussions are always interesting and I love to read Lori's insights and ideas. She also launched a new blog this year which I already love at Heywood's Meadow. This blog is brand new but it already has a ton of wonderfully illustrated nature themed posts up. I guess Lori had the same idea as Darren at Problogger, either that or she's not slept for a week!
  • Scribbit would like to invite you to be a tour guide to your local area and guest write on her blog. I've signed up to write about the Kansas City area, which is now my backyard (or frontyard maybe).
  • Holly has posted her favorite math and science resources and math encouragement for unschoolers. Apparently Chemistry is Holly's friend too.
  • I was over at Kayla's Webitect blog today and I found an intereresting link about The Principles of Design.
  • I just came across Zazzle today. I knew there were other services similar to Cafe Press out there, but I didn't know how to find them. Artist Girl has her own store at Cafe Press. Right now she has a laughing dog, hippocampus and a seahorse picture on products. Maybe I should ask her to add her Waterdragon. It would absolutely make her day if someone bought one of her products!
Have you found a great new blog, or an article you really like this week?


Lori said...

thank you! and hey .. i did have a whole cache of posts ready before i launched, but that was before darren's post! lolol

thanks so much, friend ;^)

Alison said...

Lori, the nature art at your new site is just phenomenal. What a testament to the abilities of kids! So many adults have no clue. Even those who are more trusting of what kids can do need reminded now and again, me included :-)

Keep on doing what you do. I can't wait to receive your first newsletter in the mail. Game Boy needs a little impetus sometimes, or maybe it's me that needs the impetus. Either way I am very curious about what it will contain.

Proud to be called a friend :-))

Lori said...

alison, thank you so much! i agree, most adults don't grasp what children can do .. in art and in learning in general!

thank you for your support! :^)

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