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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Fuzzy Books

Shop for That's Not My Snowman
I find that each of us has a sensory preference; luckily there are a large variety of books in the marketplace and something suitable for each child to enjoy. Fuzzy books, a sub-category of touchy feely books, are something that Usborne absolutely excels at.

In case you are lost... books on fuzzy logic at

Take a look at this little snowman pictured on the left. His hat is made of soft, gray, fuzzy, fleece which begs to be touched. Each page of the book has a textured patch to enjoy, for instance one page has a red, fluffy scarf and another ribbed black buttons. The designers at Usborne don't stop at providing for the kid who loves touch though: there is a mouse to find on each page for visual interest and the wonderful repetitive text brings a rhythmic element which satisfies both the auditory learner and the child who loves music.

I'm told over and over by parents how much their child loves the That's Not My series. One family told me they constantly have them checked out of the library for their three children to enjoy. Even the 7 year old loves them! It doesn't even stop there because teachers tell me that the adjectives in That's Not My Books are incredible for developing vocabulary. Some teachers even claim to be able to pick out children who have read That's Not My books from other children in their classroom. It seems these books are a wonderful resource for learning that lasts from 6 months old to the early stages of reading.

Seasonal Books in the Usborne That's Not My... series: That's Not My Santa, That's Not My Reindeer, That's Not My Snowman.
Bestselling That's Not My... books: That's Not My Puppy, That's Not My Monkey, That's Not My Tractor, That's Not My Dolly, That's Not My Penguin, That's Not My Princess.

It's pretty hard to surpass the appeal of the Usborne That's Not My series. However if you just happen to have a little one who loves their blankie, take a look at Cuddly Baby from Usborne. The delightful, soft, cuddly blanket and other feely patches, which go along with the pastel illustrations of objects familiar to young children, make for a restful book to share at bedtime, or any time you are snuggled up together.

See inside Cuddly Baby. Also available are Busy Baby, Hide and Seek Baby, I Love You Baby and Sleepy Baby. See inside I Love You Baby.

At risk of confusing you with too much choice, the Usborne luxury touchy feely series provides books that have a little more story content and, while recommended for 9 months and up, are perfectly designed for active toddlers with developing language skills. Animal Hide and Seek has both fuzzy patches, flaps to lift, and items to find. This book demonstrates the wonderful thought that goes into making each and every Usborne book interactive, to engage a child in reading and learning. See inside Animal Hide and Seek, an Usborne Farmyard Tales book illustrated by Stephen Cartwright.

More touchy feely, fuzzy books by Usborne.
Seasonal touchy feely, fuzzy Usborne books: Hide and Seek Christmas, Christmas Mice, Nativity Touchy Feely, Sparkly Christmas Angel. An list of soft, squishy, cloth books.


ewe are here said...

My boys were big fans of the 'That's Not My...' books in their first year.

Alison said...

Hi Ewe are Here, thanks for visiting. If you're back reading please let us know what books your boys enjoy now. They are very cute kids :-)

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