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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

WW Whiteboard Schooling


Randall said...

When I was a teacher I couldn't have survived without a white board. Today, years later, I still have trouble explaining things without drawing.

Alison said...

Hi Randall, thanks for visiting. I agree, sometimes I find it really hard to discuss something without using a whiteboard. It really helps me to organize my thoughts, as well as convey them to others.

~ April ~ said...

That's awesome! I'm definitely a visual person, so I, too, find it difficult to explain something without drawing a diagram of sorts.

mrsbear said...

Very informative indeed, I love the the diagram. Nice visuals.

Alison said...

Hi Mrs Bear, apparently your little guy likes to create visuals too (as soon on your own WW):-)

Well, I have at least one friend who'd rather have a numbered or bulleted list and goes nutty when I show her something like this; I don't hold it against her!

I've thought about getting software that allows this kind of thing since I spend more time at my computer these days. I do have a suggestion on that so maybe I'll blog about it another day.

Amber@MMM said...

Hi Alison,
Thanks for stopping by yesterday! You have a wonderful resource here! We're considering homeschooling our girl, so I'm always looking for new resources.

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