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Monday, November 3, 2008

Somethin Fishy

When it comes to the election, this year you might be excused for thinking that somethin fishy is going on, at least if you read the news report about the dead goldfish who was offered the vote in Illinois. Of course I'm not sure why someone would use the name of their goldfish to register a telephone line - that seems a little fishy to me!

Let's hope we won't hear any fishy stories of voting and counting on Tuesday. The only fishy stories I want to hear are to do with cute, little, goldfish.


Janet said...

Hmm. Sounds like the phone line was going to be used for drug deals to me. Or some kind of credit card scam.
When I first moved to Kentucky I was quite surprised to find that they have voter fraud hotlines set up in every county. It's that bad here.

Alison said...

Hmmmm... I'd never have guessed that, though I just could not think of a legitimate reason for registering a phone line under a goldfish name. My best guess was to take advantage of a special telecom provider deal that had to be with a new customer, but maybe I'm just naive!

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