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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

More Carnival Stuff

More selected links from today's Carnival of Homeschooling:
  • Got books? Got so many books you need to organize them? Need a plan? How about Christina's 100 Tips and Tools for Managing Your Home Library. I must admit to finding lists rather overwhelming, but I'm sure I could at least pick out a few tips to implement.
  • Got a quirky kid? Worried that you he/she will be labeled a Weird, Unsocialized Homeschooler? Being a bit of a square peg myself, this article resonates with me. After attending school from age 5 to age 23, I can't say I learned a single significant thing there about how to succeed socially.
  • Christine has what looks like a very entertaining cup game that could get brains in gear.
OK, I give up, there are so many great links. There's no point in me creating a duplicate of the carnival over here. Want more? Go and check out the 151st Carnival of Homeschooling.

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Janet said...

My grandfather was a mystery buff and got my grandmother and my mother (and me of course) hooked on them as well. By the mid-80s, Mimi and Mom between them had collected several hundred books, and it was getting to the point that they were buying books they already owned. So Mimi catalogued the whole mess. On a manual typewriter. I transcribed it to the computer so it would be easier to add to as they continued to purchase new volumes. Thankfully Mom stopped buying them and now goes to the library to get the latest in her favorite series. (Serieses?)
However, I have several hundred novels that I could use this program for! Thanks. (Boy what a long comment just to say thanks. Oh well, I expect you're used to me now.)

Alison said...

Janet, I always welcome your visits and comments :-) My collection of books is diverse enough that usually I know which I already have, though sometimes I get confused whether I read a book from the library or if I own it. I think the fiction is harder to deal with. Handyman Hubby has a collection of fiction and he has bought duplicates a few times. It doesn't help that many of the books are re-issued with different covers and therefore look 'new'. It's an extra complication when part of your collection is UK published and part USA - even when the cover hasn't been changed it's new to YOU!

So, that was my long way of saying, "You're welcome! I'm glad you found it useful."

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