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Saturday, November 22, 2008

I Did What?

What a doozy! Last night I decided to voluntarily close down my Firefox and restart my computer while in the middle of writing a post!!!!!! Somehow it slipped my mind that I was in the midst of writing. I'd been trying to get rid of open links all day so that I could reboot and save my computer from acting like it was 1985 vintage. I'd started a post of some learning links, mostly related to blogging. Here I was feeling pleased with myself for rebooting when I realized what I'd done. Duh! Whoever did such a thing? So, sorry, you will have to rely on my dubious memory to find those links again and share them with you. I think we're both in trouble. Oh well, I just had to laugh because it really wasn't that big of a deal compared to...

On Thursday night I thought I'd lost that big, long post I wrote about Mini Lesson Plans. Now that was a whole different feeling. I'd been working on that thing off and on all day, stealing a few minutes here and there from our homeschooling schedule, and agonizing over what to include. It was a case of too many ideas. My original concise post on all kinds of models had morphed into a long one mostly about model railroads. I really wanted to get some shut-eye, but not before posting that thing which perpetually seemed to be 'almost done'. Well, I did manage to get myself to the point of hitting Publish Post. As I sat back ready to admire my published work, imagine my horror to discover that it had disappeared. Argh! I was not a happy office-mate for Handyman Hubby to have. However, he sprung into action and between us, and despite the vagaries of Blogger, we found my post out there in the ether still residing among the back-key world and I was able to go to bed somewhat happier than I'd have been otherwise.

Now I just need to worry about Blogger going crazy some day and losing everything I've written. What's my backup plan? Oops, I don't have one yet and it's making me nervous :-(

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jugglingpaynes said...

Blogger didn't save it automatically? I'm surprised. Because I've done that and I found it again. :o)

It is good to back up your blog occasionally to your hard drive and a disc. I'll do that as soon as I have my own computer again. It's in the works.

And feel free to go through my archives. Look under the tag for birthdays. I did discuss turning 30, but I don't think I mentioned 16. I think even my parents would like to forget I ever turned 16! I was an angst-ridden teen!

Peace and Laughter,

Alison said...

Yes, you are right Juggling, normally I don't have a problem. I'm just inclined to do stupid and weird stuff with my computer. My computer is set to shut down at 11:30pm every night so that it saves power overnight, without me remembering to do that stuff manually. I was still writing when my computer went into automatic shutdown and somehow when I brought it back up, even though my post was still there in front of me, when I hit the Publish button it vanished "whoosh!!!"

I will be back to search for your birthday tale for entertainment later!!

Janet said...

I've often wondered what I would do if Blogger lost my blog. I keep thinking I'm going to do that Slurp your blog thing (it's a website that turns your blog into a book), but I haven't yet. I probably should.

jbantau said...

Have you ever thought of typing your blog entry in a word processing program and saving it after each change? Then you could copy and paste it to blogger when it's finished.

Alison said...

Jbantau, you make a good point. I seem to be taking longer and longer to write posts these days and often writing part one night and the rest the following day, which seems to cause me problems. I think I now know how to handle that with drafts so it won't be a problem. However, using Word would allow me to create backups as I go, which would be nice. So far I seem to get a problem when I cut and paste from Word to Blogger - formatting gets messed up and I seem to get some html that Blogger won't accept. Maybe it's worth figuring out though to get the multiple benefits.

I originally thought of blogging using WordPress and I gather there are some nice features with that. One thing that was mentioned to me was being able to write blog posts ahead of time and set them to be released later. Now, when the holidays come around that would be a nice feature to still allow regular posting without having to write every day. I intend to look at it again at some point.

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