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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Family and Other Animals

My Family and Other Animals
I've never met a more eccentric homeschooling family than Gerald Durrell's. Many homeschool families have one or two pets, a few have lots of animals, but I dare say I'll never meet a family with as many animals as Gerald Durrell ended up with. Unless of course you know better. Go on, I dare you to let me know all about your menagerie. Or what about the special pets you had growing up?

As a teen I dreamed of the freedom Gerald Durrell had as he ran wild on the island of Corfu, filled his home with nature, and shocked his family with great frequency. I felt dejected with him when he was given a stuffy tutor, rejoiced with him when he escaped, and most of all laughed with him at all his family's antics. I rescued baby birds from our cat and raised them (with mixed success). I took my dog everywhere with me, except for school, where of course she was not allowed. At one time or another I've kept every category of pet that appears in my poll list, apart from large animals.

I wanted my kids to grow up with pets. When Game Boy was 3 years old we brought two rescue cats into our lives. Being the disorganized person that I am, I can't find a photo of Big Cat to share. Let's say he looks like Dewey over there on the left, except he's tabby, not orange. Big Cat and Princess Kitty are still with us 9 years later. We've had our ups and downs with them. I thought maybe two cats would be enough to satisfy us, but I was wrong. Current pet list: Big Cat, Princess Kitty, Goldie, Sweetie Girl and Huffy Girl, The Hissers, and 4 minnows rescued from being live bait.

What animals do you share your home with? One cat, two dogs, a flock of birds, a hamster, a tarantula, caterpillars and spiders? I want to hear. Have you blogged about the animals that share your life? What part do your animals play in your homeschooling? What lessons have you learned from them? I'd like to link to you. Leave me the keyword/s to search your blog and find what you've written and complete my poll if you're so inclined. Will dogs or cats win? Or are homeschoolers into exotics or furries?

Readers who shared about their pets:
  • springtreeroad who homeschools with cats and rabbits (wild) - link 1, link 2, link 3.
  • jugglingpaynes has cats and includes cats on her fun homeschool comic strip - read about her cats.
  • Who We Are......... shares her homeschool family life with cats Precious and Smudge, Toasty the budgie, and 2 fish. Her hubby does not like cats.
  • Wendy has 5 cats inside and one outside. At her blog she shares the story of Pepper's first litter.
  • Deborah has a dog and a guinea pig.
  • Scrappymom and Family! has a lonely zebra finch named Spot!
  • Randi has a dog, a cat and a teen daughter who sounds like Artist Girl - she can't wait to get her own house and fill it with animals!
Handyman Hubby is just growing into liking our cats after 9 years! He really feels bad for them when they get sick, which has happened more than I'd care for. And I thought moggy cats would be healthier!


Anonymous said...

we have two cats. they were originally my cats, i got them in my mid-20s. but they love my hubby just as much (if not more!) than they love me. i have blogged about them before ( and we also have rabbits in the backyard, but they don't belong to us (!

V is not quite 3, so we're not exactly homeschooling yet, but we certainly use the cats to teach her things about kindness, taking care of others, love, generosity, etc.

jugglingpaynes said...

Hello! Nice to meet you!

Cats have always been a part of our life. They have their own tag on my blog. I don't think we could ever live without pets. My comic strip family has a cat that is a combination of all our furry friends, past and present.

Pets are a wonderful addition to a homeschooling household. They teach so much about life.

Peace and Laughter,

Who We Are......... said...

We have two cats.. Precious and Smudge. Both are cats that remind me of my two favortie cats I had prior to being married. Hubby hates (I am being generous) cats. The boys once asked if we could have another cat and I said no b/c dad does not like cats. The boys asked why we have two cats then, so I said b/c dad loves us. We also have Toasty (a budgie) he used to have a mate but she was "in his face" all the time and woke up "unalive" one morning.... still not sure what happened but Toasty has been much happier since. We have two fish (started off with 14 or so) lovely math lesson! That's about it aside fomr t he various critters the boys bring home... but htose do not stay long :)

Wendy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!

We currently have 5 cats in the house and one outside who has adopted us!

We did have gerbils and rabbits in the recent past, but they have since passed on.

I just posted about our first experience with a pregnant cat on my blog yesterday with lots of pictures..cute ones!

Lisa Sharp said...

Try Green & Black chocolate. It's fair trade, organic, and SUPER good!!!

My friend that doesn't care about organic or the environment said it was really good. Far better than Hersey which is even taking cocoa butter out of the chocolate.

Deborah said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Our pet menagerie continually shrinks and grows. I think we're at an all time low right now as we have one dog and one very hairy guinea pig. We've had to bury three pets (two cats and and our first dog) in less than two years. Over the years though we have had lots of different pets. No exotics though...

Anonymous said...

(in reply from my blog): yes, i do indeed own a little lonely zebra finch named Spot! lol.

Randi said...

We have one cat and one dog. If it was up to my oldest, we would have a small farm in our backyard. She has always loved animals--lots of them-- and she wants to be a vet. Soon she will have her own house and she can have all the animals she wants! :)

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