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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Big Cat Photo and Cat Volunteering

When Big Cat (photo not by first came to us he was very, very shy. As you can see here, he also had some strange habits! His first few days with us were spent in our smallest room. We were waiting for him to learn that he loved us. He would learn that we are good because we bring him food.

Over the years we've learned some neat stuff about cats. It's hard not to learn a few things when you live with them! We've also volunteered at local animal shelters and read books. Our favorite books about cats are: Cats for Dummies, New Guide to Cat Breeds, Cats, Cats and Kittens. Working with cats of course helps us learn many things. You have to be both gentle and assertive at the same time. You have to be responsive and responsible, observant and patient. Sometimes you want to be playful.

Our volunteering for homeless cats began back when Game Boy was a small and very active 6 year old. Most animal shelters don't allow young volunteers below the age of 14yrs or 16yrs, but some allow volunteering with a parent. We only volunteer at no kill shelters where they keep animals unless they are aggressive or incurably sick. Game Boy is good at giving active kitties some playtime, while Artist Girl likes to patiently pet a lonely cat. Miraculously we've managed to come back home without additional animals!

In case you're curious, here's the lowdown on Big Cat:
  • loves his food and has to have it many times a day
  • loves to tell you that it's time for food, by putting his cold nose on your bare skin usually
  • very affectionate when it's time for food - gets right in your face if you're sitting down
  • likes smells - dirty laundry, anything plant, and anything that's been outside
  • eats anything plant-like regardless of safety - goes wild for catnip
  • will flop over and purr when he sees a hairbrush - loves grooming and expects it from Princess Kitty
  • in remission from insulin dependent diabetes
Big Cat is an affectionate and low-maintenance big guy, but don't expect him to greet you when you stop by to visit. He's the biggest scaredy-cat on the block; the sound of an unfamiliar footstep will send him off under the bed!

Know any pets with strange habits? Please share!


Deborah said...

Maybe it's a Tabby thing. My brother and SIL's has some pretty strange habits too. He will actually fetch and return his favorite toys when you throw them for him.

He also likes to sleep in the sink.

Alison said...

Isn't that funny, another tabby that will sleep in the sink! Big Cat won't play fetch, but Princess Kitty used to!

Thanks for sharing Deborah :-)

poo-head said...

I have an orange and white fluffball named Wendell who taps me on the nose in the middle of the night when he feels like a pat. It's so cute, it's hard to get cranky with him, despite my best efforts!

Alison said...

Wendell sounds very cute poo-head. Don't you just love it when our animals gently tell us they want something? There's not much to stop a cat swatting us with claws out instead, but then I guess they'd not get a nice petting in return, they might get thrown off the bed!

My cats surely learn all the tricks on how to get the most attention.

Kris said...

I've got a great picture of one of my cats curled up in my bathroom sinks. It's one of my favorite pictures.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and offering me a visit with one of your hunky Scottish relatives. ;-) Had to lol at that one.

Alison said...

Well, it's sounding like cats in sinks are not so unusual. How interesting! Thanks for visiting Kris.

jugglingpaynes said...

Rosie's a sink cat too. She especially like to reach out a paw and touch your nose if you are *ahem* using the facilities, so that you turn the tap on for her to take a drink.

Thanks for the book tip. I've put it on my wishlist.

Peace and Laughter,

Alison said...

Huh, I guess sink cats are not so unusual. Big Cat doesn't ask to drink out the tap/faucet, but he usually appears in the bathroom whenever he hears a hairbrush in use because he LOVES to be brushed. It's kind of hard to brush your hair when a cat is constantly nudging your elbow!

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