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Friday, October 31, 2008

Avoid Chinese Candy and Frightful Technology

Please stay safe with your Halloween candy. I've read from two different sources that there are Chinese candies here which contain melamine. Avoid pirate gold coins. Personally I'd feel safer avoiding any candy that is marked as made in China. Here's a link to a report on I had a link to a site that showed three kinds of candies that are unsafe, but alas my computer got sick and was out of action for a couple of days here so I lost the link and was not able to post in a timely manner on this.

It's been a strange couple of days - technology can be frightful! For a couple of months we had trouble with our cable service. Eventually we convinced the cable provider to come and replace the cable. Quality cable is apparently expensive and they tried everything else first. Well, after the cable replacement everything was fine and dandy, expect the cable was lying along our yard unburied for 3-4 weeks; I was worried that the squirrels or chipmunks might investigate it with their teeth. Thankfully, the cable seemed to still be fine when the contractor came out yesterday to bury it. Despite great care and attention during the burial process, after the contractor left we discovered that our main phone line was now out of action! So we ended up unable to receive phone calls for 24hrs.

By sheer coincidence the upgrade Handyman Hubby had done on my computer 1 week ago suddenly caused an irrecoverable error last night. Well, basically I ended up with no computer for most of yesterday and today and no access to my phone book this morning. I do have a digital backup of my phone book, but I don't have a paper copy so I could not call the people I was expecting to call me and let them know to use a different phone number today. Now I think that making a paper copy of my contacts list must be on my to do list! Everything has ended up fine though because the telephone was quickly fixed for us today and Handyman Hubby is prepared. I have everything back tonight with my old computer disk back in use. The only thing lost was one day of Firefox tabs and a day of computer time. What a spectacular endorsement of having good technology backup plans :-)

I hope you had a safe and enjoyable Halloween with no frightful troubles!

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