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Monday, October 20, 2008

Albino in Tanzania

Apparently if you live in Tanzania and are albino your life is in danger because there is a witch doctor trade in the body parts of people with albinism. A friend of mine, who's daughter is an ocular albino, wrote to me yesterday to ask me to read about this and sign the petition. I checked it out. Most of the news reports I saw were by the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation). I was happy to sign the petition at What a horrific thing for human beings to do to each other. Of course humans doing horrific things is not exactly news! You can read an article about the killings at the BBC News site and read more about albinism at UnderTheSameSun.


Janet said...

Every day I read some other way that human beings are trying for new heights of cruelty and atrocious acts to other human beings. I keep thinking one day I won't be surprised anymore. But I guess if I quit being surprised or shocked, that will mean my soul has died.

Alison said...

I agree Janet.

Mostly I avoid watching the news and hearing about cruelty because I can do without a bunch of negativity in my life. At the end of the day, watching people suffer does nothing to help them. I still remember the first time I saw starving children on the TV news. When I was little my family had small delivery vans, driven by little Scotsmen who wore caps, come to our house to bring meat, milk, eggs, vegetables, fish etc. I couldn't grasp that some people live without a plenty supply of fresh food. Of course starvation isn't about the cruelty of withholding food from an individual child, but in my experience the only way a child could not have enough food would be if the parents did not want to give them it. I lost the innocence of childhood at that point.

Sarah said...

That just frightened me out of my socks!

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