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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

September Celebrations Lesson Plans 25th to 30th

The Giving Tree at

It's hard to believe that September is almost gone. Join with me in celebrating the following Weekly Celebrations taken from September Fundays Calendar. I'm glad to learn that I've not missed all of September!

September 25th, Shel Silverstein's Birthday, 1930
September 26th, Johnny Appleseed's Birthday, 1775
September 27th, Ancestor Appreciation Day
  • Send a free e-card to celebrate and share.
  • If you are an American there's a pretty high probability that your ancestors came from another part of the world. For Ancestor Appreciation Day bring out a globe, atlas or wall map and talk with your family about where you came from. Research the places, traditions, food and culture and share stories. Take a few moments to say thank you to your ancestors; after all you'd not be here without them!
  • Archive some family stories for Ancestor Appreciation Day. If you can't visit with an older relative call or e-mail them. If you have no older relatives visit with an older neighbor or a resident of a retirement community or nursing home and record or write notes about their stories.
  • Take the time to familiarize your children with ceremonies related to the end of life transition. Talk about your experiences and what you like and don't like about ceremonies. Visit the grave or memorial of a relative if possible, or talk about people you knew growing up who are no longer alive and how you are happy to have known them.
September 29th, Stan Berenstain's Birthday
September 30th,The Flintstones Premiered, 1960
Have some wonderful Weekly Celebrations!


Jodi Renshaw said...

Awesome links! Thank you. I will share them with my homeschool group.

Alison said...

Hi Jodi, I'm glad you found something of interest. Please do come back to visit and of course let your homeschool friends know where you picked up the links so that they can visit too.

Happy Homeschooling to you :-)

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