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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Nintendo, Sushi, Japan and Homeschool Lessons

Look What Came From Japan at

Today Artist Girl, Game Boy and I took a day out to visit the Kansas City Japan Festival. We must have had a really fun time - Artist Girl voted it the most fun she'd had outside of Christmas! So what made it so great?

A few years ago we spent several homeschool weeks learning about Japan and exploring the food and culture. It was a really fun time for us - one of our most memorable homeschool projects. Nintendo systems and games have also been pretty big in our house at times. Between one thing and another Artist Girl developed enough fondness for Japan to choose Japanese for her foreign language study.

There are lots of aspects of Japan you can explore with your kids. Here are a few fun ideas:
There are so many more things you can do with your children to learn about Japan. I think I'll have to come back to this!


apathy lounge said...

We have a lovely Botanical Gardens in our city (Fort Worth, Texas) and it has an incredible Japanese section with a zen garden and tiny houses for meditation. Like you said...peaceful.

PrairiePoppins said...

We did a Japan unit with our tiny co-op last year. All of the children still talk about it. They loved it. We made lapbooks, watched a music performance, made sushi for the others to try, and a whole lot more. It was a wonderful month.

YouTube has great videos for learning to count in Japanese.

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