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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Blog Roundup #1

I've found so many great blogs in the last week that I just can't keep up with writing articles that touch on each topic so that I can showcase them. I have so many tabs open on Firefox that I'll likely have to reboot soon. It's time to have a clear-up and share what I've found. In the order I found them, here goes:

Well, that got rid of a few tabs I had open! I hope you found something worth browsing in that list. Let me know what you think :-)


The Princess Mom said...

Alison, Thanks for coming over and for linking to me. I've been offline getting Klaus off to college and will be getting school going quickly here, but I'd be happy to write something about 2E and homeschooling for you. Do I have to keep it to 250 words? ;-)

Alison said...

Thanks for visiting. I hope Klaus gets settled right into college. We have that coming in a few years for my daughter.

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